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Jim on Location in Midway Utah

Jim on Location in Midway, Utah


I would just like to endorse Jim Sowerwine as an excellent golf instructor. I was very frustrated and even thinking of giving up the game when I first went to Jim for a half hour introductory lesson. At 67 starting over wasn’t a great thought. Jim quickly identified my basic problem(s) and gave me easy to understand solutions to correct and stabilize my swing. I am not someone who can learn a whole bunch of new maneuvers, but Jim boiled it down, made it simple and communicated in a way I could understand. I could then feel what I needed to do to play better. After A couple of lessons my game improved dramatically. I shot my lowest score in years and made my first hole in one. I can’t wait to get back to Jim this fall to take my game to the next level. I would recommend Jim to anyone. By the way after each lesson I would get a detailed email following up on what was taught at that session, a great help.

Bob Galvin


I started taking lessons from Jim after I fully retired in September of 2013. What impressed me about Jim was not only his ability to see the mechanical problems with my swing but his manner of putting the fixes in words, visuals and feelings I could understand and relate too. I’ve taken a number of lessons over the years, some from the best instructors out there. Jim’s simple explanations and demonstrations of the corrections I needed to make to my swing have allowed me, after following his advice, to go from around a 15 handicap to a currently trending 9 in a relatively short amount of time. At age 70 I think that’s simply amazing and I give much of the credit to Jim for making that possible.

Jim Beltrame
Naples, Florida


I have taken countless golf lessons in the past, and I do believe these lessons with Jim have truly been the best lessons I have ever had! I was impressed with not only how quickly he analyzed my golf swing and made it easy for me to understand, but the fact that he followed up the lesson with an email outlining a program for improvement that I can use as a guide prior to future practice sessions. I find his follow-up electronic lesson plan is an excellent review tool and reflects his professionalism.
Thank you Jim for you help and I look forward to reviewing my progress when I return in October.
Mike Maloney


According to Golf Digest, an amateur golfer’s chance of making a hole-in-one is 1 in 12,500. And yet, after just five lessons with Jim Sowerwine, I made TWO holes-in-one in five weeks. I am not kidding! You might suggest that this was merely a coincidence, but I don’t think so. As a relatively new, middle-aged, inconsistent golfer, I was in need of a refresh in all of aspects of the game. So, I signed on with Jim Sowerwine last fall, and took a lesson every three weeks or so. By March, I had made my two aces! And although I admit that there is some luck involved in making holes-in-one, I really believe that Jim’s work with me on golf fundamentals, allowed me to be more accurate and more confident in my shot making. I recommend that you take golf lessons from Jim, and find out for yourself!

Marty Howard


Like a lot of players withe decent athletic ability I was able to “get by” for years with little more than a basic understanding of a proper golf swing. However, as age creeps up and flexibility diminishes, one finally reaches the point where poor technique exacts a steep cost. As I watched Jim work with Gail (my wife), to dramatically improve her swing and ball striking, I decided that the time had come to develop a fundamentally sound swing that would help to sustain my game over the years.

Working with Jim has been eye opening. He quickly diagnosed flaws that had crept into my game and patiently introduced the mechanics of a repeatable golf swing. As a teacher, he is outstanding at demonstrating the correct techniques. Moreover, he has a gift for finding the right way to convey his message — often taking multiple approaches to be sure that you understand the key elements. He always inserts helpful drills to reinforce proper techniques and provides us with excellent review notes highlighting the significant points of each teaching session. These personalized tips are easily transferred to promote highly productive practice sessions.

Bottom line, Jim is a coach with the ability to relate to players of all levels. If you want to improve your success and enjoyment of the game, we would highly recommend Jim Sowerwine.

Walter & Gail McCormick


I have maintained a single digit handicap for the last 30 years and have probably taken a couple of hundred golf lessons during that time. Having worked with the same pro in the Chicago area for the past 10 years I was a bit reluctant to work with someone new in Florida over the winter months for fear of conflicting information. When bunker play became so awful it was no longer tolerable, I signed up for a short game lesson with Jim. In one hour, he gave me new clarity on my short game technique which has carried over and resulted in an improved short game in all aspects. Thanks, Jim!



Jim made chipping so much easier. I took a chipping clinic with Jim and then went on to take individual lessons. I like his calm manner and his ability to individualize the lessons. I credit Jim and his lessons with making golf fun again. Karen Lawrence


Before I took lessons from Jim Sowerwine I was ready to quit playing golf. I was so bad I was embarrassing myself. My short irons shots were traveling longer than my driver. My grip was causing me to sprain my finger in my left hand. I was a mess.
Jim taught me how to swing the club instead of chopping wood and I started to enjoy playing golf again. I have been singing his praises ever since. He gave me really good pointers that I was able to understand and put into play. He explained the mechanics of the golf swing that made real sense to me, something many other pros were unable to do. I am looking forward to taking lessons from him again next winter.

Chuck Harpin


I have struggled with my golf game for 30 years. I have gone through numerous golf instructors with very little success or improvement. Most of the instructors I had in the past gave me tips that I thought were very generic and that I could have learned from golf lesson videos. Jim took a video of my swing and tailored his instruction that I felt was unique to me. Jim has a way of explaining the golf swing in manner that makes sense. Some of my past instructors detected some of the same flaws I had in my swing, but were unable to give me drills that I could practice on my own.
Jim is not only very knowledgeable in the golf swing, but he has helped me with my mental game as well, especially putting. Bottom line, I began this journey with Jim with a 24 handicap, and told Jim I would be happy being a bogey golfer. Jim looked at me and said we will beat that easily. Many of my instructors said the same thing. In 4 lessons my handicap is down to 15. I just had a putting lesson from Jim so I know it will go down even lower.
The key is to take what he has taught you and work on them for a week before you come back for another lesson. I am hitting the ball more consistent and more importantly when I do mishit I know why.

I have really enjoyed our sessions, as he also has a lot of great stories. He has changed my life, just ask my wife. Kent


Jim was extremely helpful in fixing my swing this winter season.  I found him to be the best coach I have ever had.  He was easy to understand and very perceptive.  For the first time in many years I have actually been having fun playing golf.  In fact, just the other day one of my playing partners commented that my swing looked like a pro. I am looking forward to coming back next season and having  “refresher”  lessons.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you next January.  Jay


Jim Sowerwine is a superb golf instructor! Jim has helped me to understand how to swing properly, so that I am seeing more good shots on the course. Jim has given me simple exercises which have made it easy to remember how to do it right. His explanation of the mechanics has helped me to help myself. Learning from Jim has been a pleasure.

Leo Carter 3/6/2013

In October and November, I was ready to quit playing golf.  I was so bad, I was embarrassing myself.  I told my husband I just thought maybe I was too old for this game and I was ready to give it up.  I couldn’t get off the tee and had no long game.  My handicap was 33/34.

Then Jim arrived and offered all of us a free lesson. I was one of the first members to meet Jim and take his lesson and I have been singing his praises ever since. He spent a lot of time with me and gave me really good pointers that I was able to understand and put into play. My game started to improve almost immediately and most importantly, I was having fun again.
Mrs. Pollack (another of Jim’s pupils) and I won the Ladies Match Play Event. All my friends are pleasantly surprised, I think, at how much I’ve improved. My handicap has dropped to 28/29.  Thank you,  Jim, for your patience and your wonderful instruction.

Sincerely, Mrs. Rago

What an awesome four days of golf instruction. I have thought for years about going away to a golf camp to improve my game, but neve could pull the trigger. Having a world class professional come to me was something special. The stories about his first hand experiences in golf course construction for Jack Nicklaus, the years he spent as an instructor for Rick Smith and the Nicklaus Flick golf schools as well as his time as a collegiate golfer with the Love brothers would have been worth the price alone. For the past 25 years my index has ranged between 14.6 and 16.8. By the end of the summer after my Jim Sowerwine instructional period my index bottomed out at 10.4. Need I say more!
Bill Handler
Midway UT 84049
I had lost my swing and had tried working with various instructors without any improvement. Jim turned my golf game around. Even our grandchildren after one lesson were loving the game!
Stanley Pollack

It is not every day that you encounter a great teaching golf pro who is also a truly special person.  My wife and I have taken many lessons from Jim starting early in our golf journey.  Jim took both of us to a much higher and predictable level of play, improved every part of our game and gave us the information and knowledge to critique our own games and help each other out on the course.

One of the best learning experiences we have had was the year that Jim came to our home and spent several days with us teaching us golf on our “home course”.  We had a chance to play several rounds of golf with Jim as well as spend time on the driving range, putting greens and short game practice area.  This was an incredible opportunity for us and would definitely do it again.

Jim is a rare talent, if you have the opportunity to spend some time with him to allow you to enjoy the game of golf more don’t pass it up.

Thanks Jim for all the help and good memories.

Marshall and Pamela Baldassarre

Bedford, New Hampshire

I have known Jim Sowerwine for about 15 years while he has been at various levels of instruction. After knowing him for a very short while, I decided to have him look at my swing. To me, there is no one more knowledgeable about technique and mechanics than Jim. He was very good at conveying his message in a way I could relate to, which is a special quality in a teacher. Even after I retired from the tour, he helped me keep my game in shape. He is a great coach and I highly recommend him to help you with your golf swing needs.

 Good Golfing,

Mark Lye

PGA Tour player for 18 years 
Golf Channel analyst for 17 years


I worked with Jim on my game for 3 years, while I was a member of both the PGA and Nationwide Tours.  Jim was an accomplished player prior to teaching so he understands the game from a player’s perspective and he knows that playing golf is different than playing “golf swing”.  Additionally, this allows him to effectively demonstrate what he’s teaching.  Many times it was easier to “see” what he wanted me to do by watching him illustrate with his own swing.

Jim also has the unique ability to keep difficult motions simple and easy to implement. This was not only apparent to me and other tour players who worked with him, but I observed him apply the same style to recreational players.  This is an ability not often found with other teachers.

Ryan Howison
14 Year member with the PGA Tour 
3 Time Nationwide Tour Champion


I have known Jim Sowerwine for twelve years.  Initially, he was my golf instructor.  I was 60 years old and had never played golf other than a once a year round at company employee events.  My game was terrible.  Jim was able to work with me and teach me how to play golf.  First, he took into account my age and the physical limitations that come with age and he taught me a swing that I could work with.  We continued to work together for ten years with the goal of creating a fundamentally sound swing as well as providing me with the knowledge of a good golf swing so that I could diagnose and fix swing issues that crop up from week to week.  Today I am a 14 handicap player, which at age 70 is an acceptable accomplishment.  I still want to improve my game and Jim continues to work with me in identifying weak points and giving me drills to work on.  I enjoy Jim’s knowledge of the swing, his experience and contacts in the industry and his commitment to have people enjoy the game of golf.  He is everything you would want in a teacher.  -FC


The famous golfer Bobby Jones, said “ Golf is a game played on a 5 inch course, the distance between your ears.”  A good golf professional can teach fundamentals , strategy, and form, but a great one knows how to combine the fundamentals and form with a clear picture of what is going on between the ears. Jim emphasizes form, which when learned correctly, makes golf as a life -time activity, possible. But, he also understands  and works on mental discipline and  the other coping strategies, which gives me far greater confidence in my game.  I find a teaching session with Jim not only “buffs up my game” but my husband tells me, it buffs up my confidence, and leads to a winning attitude.  As proof of the pudding, since taking lessons from Jim, I have taken l0 (that’s right ten ) strokes off my game. So thanks , Jim.


“Since working with coach Sowerwine during this past year and a half, I have cashed more checks and have had more top ten finishes than I have had collectively since playing professional golf (25 years).  He truly gets to the single cause of your problem and relates to you in a way where you will see results. Jim helps you shoot the lowest score possible which is the object of the game; he’s the best scoring coach I have ever worked with.”

Bret James

PGA Member / Professional golfer