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Jim Sowerwine

Director of Instruction

Pelican’s Nest Golf Club, Bonita Springs, FL

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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you will gain insight to help you play better. Jim will pass along to you shared information, knowledge, fundamentals, swing-thoughts, drills, and optimum ways to practice that he has been fortunate enough to learn from such players and teachers as Jack Nicklaus, Gardner Dickenson, Davis Love II, Bob Toski, Jim Flick, and many others.

Lessons include and are not limited to…

  • Lesson notes and recommended practice drills (sent via email)
  • Lessons may also include video, while video is not always used, it can be used if you would like to see your swing or if Jim feels the student would benefit from seeing something they are doing (or not doing), with of course, the permission of the individual. Videos can also be sent via email.


“Jim Sowerwine is a superb golf instructor! Jim has helped me to understand how to swing properly, so that I am seeing more good shots on the course. Jim has given me simple exercises which have made it easy to remember how to do it right. His explanation of the mechanics has helped me to help myself. Learning from Jim has been a pleasure.”

Leo Carter 3/6/2013

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