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Jim Sorwerwine, Director of Instruction

Address: Pelican’s Nest Golf Club,
4450 Pelicans Nest Dr, Bonita Springs, FL

Phone: (239) 272-9631

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Jim Sowerwine Golf Lessons, Naples FL

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Pelican’s Nest Golf Club, Bonita Springs, FL
4450 Pelicans Nest Dr, Bonita Springs, FL


“Jim Sowerwine is a superb golf instructor! Jim has helped me to understand how to swing properly, so that I am seeing more good shots on the course. Jim has given me simple exercises which have made it easy to remember how to do it right. His explanation of the mechanics has helped me to help myself. Learning from Jim has been a pleasure.”

Leo Carter 3/6/2013

“I have known Jim Sowerwine for about 15 years while he has been at various levels of instruction. After knowing him for a very short while, I decided to have him look at my swing. To me, there is no one more knowledgeable about technique and mechanics than Jim. He was very good at conveying his message in a way I could relate to, which is a special quality in a teacher. Even after I retired from the tour, he helped me keep my game in shape. He is a great coach and I highly recommend him to help you with your golf swing needs.”

 Good Golfing,

Mark Lye

PGA Tour player for 18 years