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About Jim Sowerwine

Jim Sowerwine Cover Golf Illustrate

Jim Sowerwine
Cover ‘Golf Illustrated Magazine’

About Jim 

Jim’s background and experience in golf is quite unique.  He was a fairly accomplished player, playing competitively through college (Division 1) and for a couple of years professionally.  He was fortunate as a youngster to have grown up with the Nicklaus family, as this opportunity enabled him to learn the game from Jack Nicklaus. This relationship also provided him many opportunities to learn from multiple other golfing legends (players and teachers).

When his path changed from player to coaching, he was also fortunate to learn from and be mentored by several of the game’s most knowledgeable instructors, including: Henry Young (3 Time Michigan Teacher of the Year), Rick Smith (America’s 50 Best Teachers ‘Golf Digest’), Mike Malaska (2011 PGA National Teacher of the Year), Martin Hall (2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year), and two Hall of Famers – Bob Toski and Jim Flick.

Jim’s background as a player, most certainly has had an influence on his teaching style.  Having been in the shoes of the student himself, he fully understands the process of taking lessons, how to implement changes, and is able to identify and relate to the potential challenges that result throughout the process.

The knowledge and experience he passes along to his clients is a compilation of insight learned from his mentors, his personal experiences as a player/student (45+ years), and his experience as an instructor (25 years).  When you combine Jim’s background with his easy-going personality, it explains why he has been sought after and worked with multiple Tour Players (PGA, LPGA, Champions, and Nationwide Tours) and is still working with many of the same recreational players he began working with twenty years ago when he first moved to Naples.